Map Tutorial & FAQ

Need help using the maps at Pinball Spot? We’ll cover the basics of using the maps here. See the frequently asked questions below for quick help. Pinball map location entries are reviewed by a moderator. Map entries containing inaccurate information or inappropriate may be edited or deleted.

Adding a location to the map:
1. Click on the “Add” button at the top right of map area – entry window will appear
2. Fill out the place name (business name), address, details, and media info
3. If you don’t know the address, simply type in the name and any address info you know
4. Click the “Search” link to the right of the title and you’ll see a list of results
5. Select the result you want. If you don’t see it, try Google maps to get address info
6. Double check to make sure the street, city, state, country information is correct
7. The words in Place Name field should be directly relevant to the pinball location business name
8. Please try to fill in the details, hours, website (etc) and include a picture if you can
10. Try to keep COMMENTS brief, informative, and useful to others

That was easy. You’re done! Thanks for your entry!


Q: How do I add new locations?
A: Click the ADD button in the top right area of map. Fill out information accurately. Click submit.

Q: Do I need to register to add a location to the map?
A: No registration or personal info is required to add a location. It’s free.

Q: Can I search for a location if I don’t know the address?
A: Yes. In the Place Name field, just enter the name of the business and any other address details you know off hand. Then click the SEARCH link and choose from the list of search results. The rest of the address data should automatically be filled in.

Q: My location wasn’t in the search results. How else can I get address info?
A: Use Google Maps to get address info. Then copy/paste info over to your pinball location.

Q: There was a mistake on the listing. Can I update or delete it?
A: When you make a new entry to the map, you will be given a link so you can come back to edit that marker if the information needs to be updated. If that does not work, just contact us to let us know which map marker needs to be updated and we’ll update or delete your entry for you.

Q: How do I report inaccurate or inappropriate entries?
A: Tell us and we’ll take care of it. Flag feature coming soon. Thanks for helping us out!