About Pinball Spot

About the Pinball Spot

Problem: It’s not so easy to find good places to play pinball these days.
Solution: A website where people can use maps to share info about pinball locations.

Pinball Spot is mapping pinball locations around the world. Pinball Spot was created with the sole purpose of making it easier for people to share information about pinball locations with interactive maps. “Collaborative” or “interactive” maps enable anyone to easily add places to the map or update information about existing pinball locations. It’s a pinball map-wiki concept. Add a pinball location to the map and tell your friends about pinballspot.com.

Privacy policy: We never share personal information about our users without their consent.
Advertising disclaimer: We participate in the Amazon affiliate and Google Adsense programs.

Contact Pinball Spot

Contact Pinball Spot at pinballspot @ gmail with your comments, questions or suggestions on how we can improve the site for you. We’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours of your message. Please remember to share our pinball map with your pinball pals and help us to build the best map for finding places to play pinball in the world.