Ground Kontrol in Portland OR – pinball players paradise

If you are looking for an incredible place to play pinball, take a trip to Portland (Oregon) and visit Ground Kontrol. The place is amazing, a true pinball players paradise. It’s probably one of the best pinball locations we’ve seen on the map at the Pinball Spot.

The current list of pinball games include: Adams Family, Batman Forever, Black Knight 2000, Dr. Who, Demolition Man, Fish Tales, Haunted House, High Speed, Independence Day, King Pin, Lord of the Rings, No Fear, Pirates of the Carribean, Radical, Road Show, Revenge from Mars, Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Shadow, South Park, Star Trek, Star Trek Next Generation, Stargate, Terminator 2, Theatre of Magic, and White Water.

If this isn’t impressive enough, Ground Kontrol also has a huge selection of classic and new arcade games. You can tell these guys do their homework and hand-pick the best games for pinball junkies and gamers. The place is huge, 2 floors, and they are a full bar and restaurant as well. Open from noon until 2am, they do require I.D. for ages 21 and over for entry after 7pm. What’s not to love? Every pinball enthusiast and arcade game buff should include Ground Kontrol in their list of places to visit in Portland. For more information visit

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