Pinball Classifieds

Use our interactive pinball classifieds map to buy, sell, or trade your pinball machines. It’s an easy way to find and share pinball machines, pinball parts and pinball accessories for sale. Stay tuned because we’re gonna be completely reworking the pinball classifieds section soon with a new easier way to list and find pinball stuff. There may be a pinball classifieds app too!

Huh… So much for this map! Zeemaps pulled the old bait and switch freemium technique. We are looking around for a better solution to make it easy to buy & sell pinball machines & parts.

Stay tuned…


Click here to see a DEMO LISTING. This is a basic example of what you can show and do with a listing. Map categories include pinball machines for sale, pinball machines wanted, and pinball for trade. Include a photo. Add an audio clip if it’s useful to other users. To add a pinball classified ad listing of your own, just click the ADD button to the top right of the map. An “add entry” window will appear with tabs for LOCATION, DETAILS, MEDIA. Go ahead and fill out your location info. You’ll need to enter your street address for accurate placement on the map, but don’t worry, THE STREET ADDRESS IS NOT DISPLAYED ON THE MAP LISTINGS. Fill out all other details like name of game, price, comments, and any contact information you wish. Go to the media tab of the entry window and upload or link to a photo of your pinball machine. After your pinball machine has been sold or is no longer available, please contact us and we’ll remove it from the map. Soon you’ll have the option to edit your own classified ad listings and specify the length of the listing duration. In the mean time, we’ll have to remove the listing manually.

How to use the pinball classifieds map?

1. Generally– please NO spam and just include useful pinball info
2. Place – enter the business name or your location
3. Location – start typing location and choose best option shown
4. Details – include price, condition and any interesting details
5. Media – add a video review of your pinball machine in action!
6. Audio – don’t add audio unless it’s useful for the buyers
7. Entries – entries are moderated and subject to edit/deletion