Top ten best pinball games

Here is a current list of the top ten, best rated, pinball games from the pinball database website. The list contains some great machines, but may be missing some of the more popular pinball games from the 90’s. Star Trek, Midevil Madness, and Adams Family certainly belong on the list, but what about Champion Pub and The Shadow? What do you think? Reply with your list of all-time top 10 pinball games. Which games do you think are missing that should be included? Here’s the list of the highest rated pinball games from IPDB. Do you agree? Submit your vote below.

  1. Twilight Zone
  2. Star Trek: The Next Generation
  3. Medieval Madness
  4. Centaur
  5. The Addams Family
  6. The Champion Pub
  7. Cirqus Voltaire
  8. Creature from the Black Lagoon
  9. Theatre of Magic
  10. The Shadow